Mezcal Mondays: A Spirited Start to Your Week at Toca Madera!

Toca Madera Staff

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Setting the Scene

Let's face it, Mondays aren't exactly the best day of the week for most people. After a relaxing or fun-filled weekend, Monday represents the start of another grueling week.

For some people, Mondays might mean bracing for a monotonous routine, facing challenging tasks, etc. Instead of dwelling on responsibilities you can’t avoid, we recommend finding ways to deliberately spice up your Mondays. It’s clear you need something to look forward to.

If you love tequila or other types of Mezcal and reside in West Hollywood, Las Vegas, or Scottsdale, Arizona, we’ve got the perfect spirited start for you at Toca Madera.

Welcome to Mezcal Mondays at Toca Madera - a modern, high-end Mexican steakhouse renowned for culinary excellence and an immersive fine dining experience characterized by refreshing drinks, live music, fire performers, and more.

The Mezcal Legacy

Mezcal Mondays is Toca Madera’s unique recreation of the Mezcal drinking experience. As a high-end Mexican steakhouse, it was only right that there be a dedicated Mezcal experience.

Why is Mezcal So Important in Mexican Culture? Why is Mezcal More Than a Drink?

Well, first and foremost, Mezcal is a symbol of indigenous heritage. It is an ancient spirit that has been produced in Mexico for centuries. The production techniques have been passed down to date.

Mezcal is also a significant part of Mexican culinary tradition. The spirit isn't just enjoyed as a beverage, it is also used in some Mexican cuisines to add a distinctive flavor, taste, and complexity.

On top of that, Mezcal is also a symbol of community in Mexico, considering it is the most popular drink in social gatherings.

Lastly, Mezcal has some spiritual significance. In Mexican spiritual rituals, Mezcal is believed to be a cleanser and purifier of the body and soul.

What Makes Mezcal Special and Different from Other Drinks?

We know how important Mezcal is in Mexican culture, but what about its unique difference from other drinks? Well, tequila is made from one type of agave plant – the Blue Weber Agave. Mezcal can be from any agave plant. There are 250+ known agave species. However, approximately 30 are used to make Mezcal.

This is still a significant number of agave plant choices compared to one for tequila. This makes Mezcal richer in variety, considering it can be made from both wild and cultivated agave. What’s more, the Mezcal production process is more traditional, contributing to a smokey and more unique drink. Each Mezcal expression has a unique flavor profile hinting at the agave species' history and habitat as well as the artful hand of the Maestro Mezcalero (the master craftsman of Mezcal).

Cocktails Made from Premium La Luna Mezcal

Mezcal Mondays at Toca Madera feature some of the finest Mezcals available today. Enjoy refreshing Mezcal cocktails made with La Luna Mezcal, which has a rich history dating back four generations. La Luna Mezcal is a product of Etucuaro, Michoacan, one of the largest Mezcal-producing regions in Mexico, since the early 1900s. La Luna Mezcal is largely from cultivated agave Cupreata.

A Culinary Journey

Mezcal Mondays at Toca Madera isn’t just about sipping cocktails made from the finest La Luna Mezcal. You’ll also get treated to Mexican-inspired culinary delights that feature bold flavors. All dishes are made from some of the best organic ingredients.

Toca Madera West Hollywood's Mezcal Monday food offering features three options. However, the Aguachile de sea bass served with Chile cilantro sauce, among other mouthwatering ingredients, is a must-try for fish lovers.

Toca Madera Scottsdale Mezcal Monday food offering also features three options. However, the Birria Quesadilla is a must-try for beef and traditional quesadillas lovers. Notable ingredients include queso chihuahua (cheese) and flavorful beef stock (birria consomme).

Toca Madera Las Vegas also has exciting food options. A must-try for pizza and tortilla lovers is the Huarache De Chorizo, which is the tastiest version of a pizza, corn tortilla, and a sope, all in one. Notable ingredients include wagyu chorizo Verde (Mexican sausage featuring wagyu beef).

Beyond Food - An Atmosphere

Beyond the Mexican-inspired culinary delights and premium mezcal cocktails, Toca Madera’s restaurant locations offer the perfect Mezcal Monday atmosphere to get rid of Monday blues. The ambiance isn’t just a setting but an integral part of Mezcal Mondays.

The restaurants offer an immersive experience thanks to thoughtfully curated elements that elicit a unique sensory experience. All Toca Madera restaurants feature visually stunning designs.

You'll also enjoy your meals and drinks while listening to seductive music and having exciting conversations.

Enjoy the best modern and timeless high-end restaurant experience imaginable. Mezcal Mondays is a vibrant event with live music and live entertainment like fire performers designed to capture your attention and turn your weekday into an unforgettable experience.

Your Invitation to a Ritual

Consider this to be a cordial invitation to participate in a cherished ritual that celebrates culture, culinary excellence, and camaraderie.

Mezcal Mondays brings together fine dining and Mezcal lovers with a liking for Mexican-inspired culinary delights. While ushering a spirited start to your week, Mezcal Mondays is also a celebration of diversity in culture and how it is expressed in food and drinks.

Join us for Mezcal Mondays, a special event that takes place every Monday at all Toca Madera restaurant locations. Let's celebrate the power of Mezcal, Mexican-inspired culinary delights, and an immersive atmosphere that brings people together.

To secure a spot, make a reservation at any of Toca Madera's iconic locations: West Hollywood, Scottsdale, or Las Vegas. All locations add a unique twist to the Mezcal Monday experience, don’t miss out!