Looking For Tacos and Margaritas In Las Vegas? You’ve Found Them!

Toca Madera Staff

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Why is Pairing Tacos and Margaritas Such a Delicious and Classic Combination?

It’s the Best of Both Worlds

Mexico has been kind enough to give the world the best street food and best cocktail drink in the U.S. and beyond. It, therefore, makes sense to pair the two, especially for those looking for a unique experience.

A taco and margarita pairing experience in Las Vegas counts for a memorable treat and matches what Vegas is all about, especially when the combo is enjoyed in a luxurious Mexican-inspired restaurant in Las Vegas like Toca Madera.

The Combo Respects the Primary Rule of Perfect Pairing

The general rule of thumb in pairing food and drinks states that dishes (or foods) should be paired with drinks from the same region. This rule doesn't only work with wine, it also applies to Mexican foods and drinks (i.e., tacos and margaritas, which contain Mexican tequila as their main ingredient).

This rule applies perfectly based on the notion that foods and drinks from the same region grow from the same soil and have evolved over time to complement each other.

Tequila Pairs Perfectly with the Key Ingredients in Tacos

Tacos have citrus, spicy and flavored ingredients that pair perfectly with tequila. Tacos also have vegetables like green peppers, tomatoes, and asparagus as key ingredients, and they all pair perfectly with a variety of tequila, including silver.

Toca Madera: Enjoy the Tastiest Tacos and Margaritas in Las Vegas with a Luxurious Twist

Toca Madera is a high-end modern Mexican steakhouse that pairs the best ingredients and bold flavors. The restaurant also offers an unmatched sensory experience.

If you wish to have the tastiest tacos and most refreshing margaritas in a luxurious atmosphere in Las Vegas, look no further. Toca Madera is the true definition of a Mexican fine-dining restaurant.

Toca Madera Las Vegas has special Tacos menus dubbed Taqueria Menu and Toca Tuesday (that resembles Taco Tuesday with a touch of luxury). There’s also a special margarita menu and Happy Hour Menu (featuring tacos and margaritas).

Taqueria Menu: This menu has tasty taco and burrito offerings with different filling options: seafood (fish), beef, chicken, and non-meat delicious options like seasonal mushrooms. The toppings range from cucumber to pickled onions, chili, roasted peppers, habanero cream, pineapple salsa, and more, depending on the fillings.

Toca Tuesday: This menu is Toca Madera’s version of Taco Tuesday with a luxurious twist. Enjoy “Toca Tuesday” on Tuesdays from 4 pm to 6 pm. The menu has table offerings from guacamole to Toca Madera's version of Caesar's salad (Toca Caesar) and toasted offerings (tostaditas).

There's also a raw bar, taco offerings with different meat fillings such as fish tacos and chicken tacos, as well as proprietary margaritas from Toca Madera's very own classic margarita cocktail version dubbed Toca Margarita with Blanco tequila that pairs perfectly with the menu. Toca Tuesday also has other cocktail offerings with different flavors to match different tastes.

Margarita menu: Toca Madera Las Vegas has gone a notch higher with a margarita cocktail menu. The offerings range by ingredients, flavor, and type of tequila used.

Happy Hour Menu: If you miss Toca Tuesday, you can enjoy almost similar offerings in the Happy Hour menu every day from 4 pm to 6 pm. The menu is composed of the tastiest tacos and margaritas with a raw bar and table offering.

But What’s So Special about Tacos?

Tacos are undoubtedly the most popular street food to come out of any country. The U.S. alone consumes around 4.5 billion tacos every year, and there are valid reasons for this. First and foremost, tacos are delicious. People can’t seem to get enough of the flour or corn tortilla wrapping featuring a balanced mix with all groups.

The mix of protein fillings, vegetables, and other ingredients like cheese, lettuce, guacamole, lime/lemon squeeze, chiles, and more has a universally appealing taste that transcends borders.

Tacos are also irresistible because they are made for everyone and anyone, from meat lovers to the pickiest eaters to vegetarians, vegans, and even gluten-free eaters. What's more, tacos can also be enjoyed anytime (breakfast, lunch & dinner) attributable to the countless flavors and styles. Tacos are also a great social food that is shared and consumed informally or on the go with friends and family.

And What’s So Great about Margaritas?

Margaritas are America’s favorite cocktail for several reasons, to begin with, they have an incredibly refreshing taste. The main ingredients (tequila, fresh lime juice, and triple sec combo) blend perfectly together to create a cooling and delicious outcome. It’s no surprise that margaritas are the perfect summer drink.

They also stand out from other cocktails for their perfectly balanced sour, sweet, and salty flavors. One of the most popular margaritas recipes includes tequila, fresh lime juice, simple syrup & triple sec, mixed, shaken, and served in a glass with some salt on the rim. It easily achieves an unmatched sweet, salty, and sour balance you will not want to miss.

Margaritas are also loved for their versatility. The recipes aren't cast in stone, making it possible to craft a margarita that matches your personal taste perfectly. The social aspect of margaritas also makes them great. They have traditionally been enjoyed during celebrations on many occasions, from casual get-togethers to formal events.

Ready for the most luxurious, tasty, and refreshing tacos and margarita experience in Las Vegas? The taco and margarita combo at Toca Madera is incredibly hard to beat. The sweet and light agave flavors of tequila that make up Toca Madera's cocktails perfectly pair with the flavorful and fresh-tasting taco offerings.

Make a reservation today. Alternatively, you can call: +1-725-255-9030. Toca Madera Las Vegas is situated between Aria Hotel and Shops at Crystals. Google Maps.