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Brunch is arguably the most popular weekend meal among Gen Zs and millennials. The meal's timing (late morning to late lunch) works perfectly for many who yearn for lazy weekends after a busy night of fun and dance.

Brunch also works for those keen on a relaxing environment. You can take as long as you like at brunch while eating, drinking, and chatting. There’s no better environment to discuss the exciting happenings of a previous night out or connect with friends/loved ones.

If you wish for an elevated weekend brunch experience, Toca Madera’s stands out from the rest. We don’t just offer a typical weekend brunch. We are a high-end restaurant that gives guests a modern, upscale Mexican steakhouse experience in all of our locations, which includes Los Angeles, Scottsdale, and Las Vegas.

At any of these vibrant cities, you’ll get a chance to enjoy one of the fanciest weekend brunch experiences through Mexican food and that high-end steakhouse element. Indulge in Mexican cuisine (featuring bold, blended flavors) with a luxurious, modern take. Enjoy some great live entertainment while at it!

When and Where?

Weekend brunch at Toca Madera West Hollywood, Toca Madera Scottsdale, and Toca Madera Las Vegas happens only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Weekend brunch at our Las Vegas location starts at 10 AM to 3 PM, while brunch at Toca Madera Scottsdale and Toca Madera Los Angeles happens from 11 AM to 3 PM.

Vibrant Ambiance

All of Toca Madera’s restaurant locations offer a luxurious, vibrant, and immersive experience. Our weekend brunches are served in an environment that features thoughtfully curated elements working together to create an unmatched sensory experience.

Your West Hollywood experience will be surrounded by trees, hanging lamps and the vibrant atmosphere of the city.

Allow the cool and exciting Scottsdale venue to take your weekend brunch to new heights:

Or opt for a more sophisticated ambiance at our Las Vegas location, filled wit the luxury and excitement that is infused into all of our locations:

Enjoy brunch in our high-end restaurants featuring visually stunning designs, fire performers, and live music. We curate the liveliest brunch atmosphere with our restaurant designs and live performances. To maintain a pulsating energy resonating throughout the venue, we have DJs to spin the latest tracks.

Culinary Delights

Let’s dive into the most important element of weekend brunch – the menu! To make the experience extra special, we have curated a special menu just for weekend brunch. You can expect mouth-watering and exquisite offerings that complement the vibrant and luxurious ambiance.

Begin by selecting one of several starters, from Mexican staples like Guacamole to delicacies like crispy calamari and exotic mushroom starters. There’s also a raw bar offering to indulge in.

Must-have Toasts: Tres Leches French Toast or Avocado Toast

The main weekend brunch dish offering has three main brunch options dubbed Sweet, Savory, and Especiales (specials). If you have a sweet tooth, there are up to five sweet offerings to choose from. Must haves in our sweet offerings include French toast or almond butter toast.

We suggest you try the French toast first, dubbed Tres Leches French Toast. The toast features “three-milk” brioche bread that is spongy and made with a tasty milk mixture (condensed, whole, and evaporated milk) to offer an extra heavenly taste. The toast is then topped with cinnamon whipped cream, fresh berries, orange zest, and cajeta (thickened caramel). French toast doesn’t get better than this!

For a savory-tasting toast option, we suggest our avocado toast featuring grilled multigrain with spicy and tangy tasting Calabrian tomato jam, jalapeno, avocado smash, radish, fresno chile (chili pepper), a spicy blend of toasted sesame seeds, and poached eggs. Our avocado toast offers the perfect buttery, fatty, earthy, smooth, and succulent taste.

Other Offerings

If you love pancakes and waffles, there are chicken and waffle offerings. Chocolate lovers can try our delicious but healthy and nutritious chocolatey Acai Bowl.

If you have a discerning palate that appreciates the nuances of different textures and flavors, our other Savory options won't disappoint. Enjoy our very own twist on Mexican-inspired breakfast dishes like Enchiladas and Burritos. You can also order a breakfast sandwich or have a Mexican omelette (omelette Mexicana). Most importantly, we have Savory vegan options to choose from.

Must-try Drinks: Mimosa Kit

Weekend drinks offerings include our own unique twist on notable cocktails like Michelada and Bloody Mary. You can also have some of the most refreshing margaritas, including our very own Toca Margarita. However, you must try our Mimosa kit. Make your own mimosa by choosing three of our five main ingredients (orange, passion fruit, mango, guava, and prickly pear).

Keep in mind, that Toca Madera’s brunch menu (food and drinks) can change at any time, making these all time-sensitive and delicious options. However, the exquisiteness and uniqueness will always stay the same!

Why Attend?

Weekend brunch at any Toca Madera restaurant location is like no other. Indulge in some great Mexican-inspired foods and drinks, listen to soothing live music, and chat with friends/family in a luxurious and completely relaxing environment. There's no better way to enjoy a weekend! The level of excitement and finesse in our brunches is best experienced firsthand.

Don’t Miss Out on This Invitation

Join us for a luxurious weekend brunch event at any of Toca Madera's restaurant locations and tantalize your taste buds with mouth-watering food and refreshing drinks. Soothe your soul with live entertainment, quench your taste for the finer things in life, and start a new week feeling pampered and refreshed. Our weekend brunches leave guests feeling truly special.

However, you need a reservation to secure a spot and find your new favorite dish.

Reserve Toca Madera West Hollywood or Call: (323) 852-9400

Reserve Toca Madera Scottsdale, Arizona, or Call: (480) 930-4357

Reserve Toca Madera Las Vegas or Call: (725) 255-9030

Toca Madera weekend brunches redefine what luxurious, unforgettable brunches should look and feel like. Enjoy a fully immersive experience that caters to all senses. Indulge in culinary delights, live music, and performances, proprietary, as well as custom drinks in a thoughtfully curated atmosphere.

Come to Toca Madera weekend brunch to celebrate special occasions, relax, socialize, enjoy live entertainment, try new foods, or enjoy a leisurely meal.

To our esteemed regular patrons, we thank you for your continued support. To our new prospective patrons, welcome to Toca Madera. We can’t wait to serve you.