Indulge in Love with Toca Madera's Valentine's Day Feast

Toca Madera Staff

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February 14th brings a celebration rich in history, echoing tales of romantic ancient rites and the enduring legend of Saint Valentine. On this day, the air is filled with the spirit of romance, setting the stage for a memorable evening.

Toca Madera opens its doors in Las Vegas, Scottsdale, and West Hollywood, offering a unique dining experience. Guests are invited to revel in a night marked by exquisite flavors and an atmosphere brimming with love's joyful promise.

A Symphony of Flavors: The Valentine's Special Menu:

This Valentine's Day, Toca Madera invites you to a celebration woven with love's delicate threads, available at our cherished locations in Las Vegas, Scottsdale, and West Hollywood. Envision an evening where every dish is a whisper of affection, a secret shared between lovers.

Our chefs have poured their hearts into a menu that mirrors the dance of romance itself, ensuring every guest feels the enclasp of Valentine's tradition. Join us for a night where love is not just in the air but infused in every bite, creating memories that will be treasured like the most precious of jewels.

Starters to Spark Romance:

Begin your Valentine's celebration with our Kale & Spinach Salad, a dish that gently unfolds the first notes of love's melody. Fresh, crisp kale and tender spinach form a lush backdrop, harmonizing beautifully with the vibrant accents of shaved fennel, apple, and watermelon radish. Each element contributes uniquely, weaving together a rich tapestry of tastes.

Tajín croutons introduce a delightful crunch, while cotija cheese adds a layer of creamy richness, evoking the comfort of being wrapped in a warm hug. The salad is united by an ancho chile vinaigrette, much like Cupid's arrow, it pierces through, adding a bold and inviting flavor that elevates the natural freshness of each ingredient.

Main Courses: A Culinary Love Story:

Love is in the air at Toca Madera, where indulgent main courses set the table for romance. Succulent seafood and tender meats strike the perfect balance, complementing and completing each other like two sweethearts.

Short ribs slowly braised to a melt-in-your-mouth tenderness are paired with plump, buttery scallops - each bite of beef reveals deeper flavors unlocked through patient simmering, while the scallops sing with the purity of their sea-born essence. This surf and turf duo is served atop creamy polenta to soak up the medley of juices and a glistening cherry red wine reduction that provides a tart-sweet union.

Meanwhile, coffee-crusted chateaubriand makes a rich and bold suitor for the lobster tails, their sweet brine a counterpoint to the deep roasted flavors of the steak. Accented by earthy cashew salsa matcha and a crunch of toasted sunflower seeds, this protein-packed couple is a true indulgence.

Decadent Desserts to End on a Sweet Note:

After indulging in lavish main courses, diners can cap off their Valentine's dinner with two decadent options sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Red Velvet Cheesecake

This luscious red velvet cheesecake is a stunning dessert with its deep crimson hue, rich as a red rose. The first bite reveals moist and tender cake that gives way to rich and creamy cheesecake, its tangy flavor smoothed out by a gentle sweetness. A glistening pool of ruby-red wine reduction made from ripe berries surrounds the cheesecake, offering bursts of fruit-forward brightness.

Strawberries & Bubbles

Or try plump chocolate-dipped strawberries served alongside a chilled bottle of Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label champagne. The natural sweetness of ripe strawberries is amplified by a coating of ultra-smooth dark chocolate. Their indulgent flavors pair elegantly with the crisp effervescence and bright acidity of the Champagne.

The Ambiance of Love:

Toca Madera West Hollywood offers an intimate escape with dim lighting and an open, airy interior. Scottsdale combines modern design and abundant greenery for a fresh, vibrant energy, accented by flirty pops of lavender. Las Vegas pulls out all the stops with the dazzling Bird's Nest entrance and lounge showcasing intricate details and curated artwork.

Though each location sets its own romantic scene, all share a sophisticated style blended with natural beauty. Couples are enveloped in ambiance as rich as the cuisine. Toca Madera venues provide backdrops to celebrate Valentine's Day, from the sunlit warmth in LA to the refined elegance in Vegas. The restaurants craft an atmosphere perfect for romance.

Celebrating Love in Three Cities:

At Toca Madera, Valentine's Day in Las Vegas, Scottsdale, and West Hollywood offers romantic opportunities even before dinner starts. Couples can spend the day cherishing each moment together.

In Vegas, stroll through Bellagio’s flower-filled gardens, then view the dancing Fountains as the sun dips low. Scottsdale boasts relaxed afternoons at the Museum of Contemporary Art and along the peaceful waterfront, bathing couples in scenic views.

While - in West Hollywood - couples can get lost admiring design at the Pacific Center before stealing a quiet moment together in the park, like sweethearts in their own world.

No matter the city, the day culminates at Toca Madera, where couples toast to passions shared over a sumptuous meal.

Reservations: A Must for the Night of Love:

With Valentine's bookings statistically the second busiest of the year, (after Mother’s Day), Toca Madera expects reservations to soar far above regular nights, as couples jump at the chance to share an indulgent evening out.

Don't leave your date night to chance - secure your intimate table for two now and let the romance unfold, course after sumptuous course.

An Invitation to a Night of Elegance

This Valentine's Day, Toca Madera transforms dining into an ode to love, with a menu that sings of affection and dishes that purr tales of romance. From the first bite of our Kale & Spinach Salad to the tender taste of braised short ribs paired with buttery scallops, each course is a step in a dance meant for two.

Embrace a night where the atmosphere, dishes, and every shared second are finely tailored to celebrate your connection.

Wrapping up

This February 14th, allow yourself to be surrounded by love at Toca Madera in Las Vegas, Scottsdale, and West Hollywood.

Experience Valentine's cocktails, desserts, and specials with us that celebrate the union of flavors and the stories they tell together.

We warmly invite you to experience the magic of love with us. Join in the celebration of connection and culinary delight, where every dish serves as a tribute to the art of bringing people together.