How To Make the Most Out of Happy Hour in Scottsdale

Toca Madera Staff

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There is something undeniably special about enjoying a delicious cocktail at the end of a long day, finding the perfect glass or even glasses of wine, the beer that washes all your worries away and, even better, the delicious bites that set everything right again. If this sounds like the perfect scene then welcome aboard the happy hour train, we've saved a seat for you!

A nice happy hour menu can be the cherry on top of a hard day's work, but trust us, not just any menu or establishment will do the trick. A luxurious happy hour menu can be a feast to your senses as well as a plain good time. From the carefully crafted drinks to the mouthwatering small (and not-so-small) bites, allow us to show you how to elevate your regular happy hour experience and savor every moment.

What is Happy Hour all About?

The term happy hour is believed to have originated in America in the early 1900s. It was popularly used by the US Navy to describe special periods when sailors would relax and become entertained. Today, the term is used globally and has become part of our culture.

Now, it is mostly used to describe the time (late afternoon to early evening) when bars, restaurants, and other entertainment establishments sell discounted food specials and drinks. For bar and restaurant owners, the period is about marketing (attracting customers) and boosting sales.

What Do People Look for In a Bar During Happy Hour?

From a bar or restaurant customer’s perspective, happy hour is about getting the best deals on food and drinks. People who wouldn’t normally frequent some restaurants i.e., fine dining restaurants, now get the chance to have happy hour as a reason to go and indulge without paying regular prices.

Generally, people look for three main things during happy hour in bars and restaurants in Scottsdale:

  • The first and most important is discounted prices ( i.e, discounts on beer, deals on cocktails, a discounted bottle of wine or glass of wine).
  • Customers also look for a good variety of drinks and food.
  • Lastly, they look for a great social atmosphere where they can socialize, relax and enjoy themselves.

How To Make the Best Out of a Happy Hour Menu?

Being present in your favorite bar or restaurant during happy hour doesn’t mean you will have the best time possible. There are some happy hour tips to consider if you wish to get the best out of the experience.

  1. Show up in time/ahead of time: To maximize your experience, you should arrive early to have enough time to sample the menu. If the restaurant is extremely popular, this tip will help you avoid crowds, secure a table and enjoy the best deals of the day.
  2. Check out the menu ahead of time: To save time, you should also have an idea of what you wish to order before you arrive.
  3. Experiment: Happy hour specials tend to have options that are different from the regular menu so try new or different happy hour favorites to get the best out of the entire experience.
  4. Invite some friends: Happy hour is more fun when you have some great company. While you can always meet some great people during happy hour, having a close friend or family member with you secures the fun.
  5. Mind your portions/orders: It also helps to track how much food/drinks you order. Smaller portions are better because you'll have the capacity to sample all specials.
  6. Track your spending: Lastly, you'll want to keep tabs on your spending. While happy hour deals may be exciting, the idea is to have the best experience while spending within your limits. Have a budget and stick to it.

Happy Hour at Toca Madera in Scottsdale, Arizona

Arizona has many amazing restaurants and happy hour spots. However, if you're keen on enjoying a luxurious happy hour experience in a leading fine dining Mexican restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, consider Toca Madera – a modern Mexican steakhouse that is part of the Noble 33 group, renowned for offering premium culinary experiences in major cities globally.

Here at Toca Madera Scottsdale, we offer an upscale Mexican restaurant experience characterized by bold flavors, organic ingredients, sustainability, and a luxurious ambiance offering an unmatched sensory experience.

Our happy hour menu is a chance to enjoy unique farm-to-glass cocktails made using fresh seasonal ingredients. You also get an opportunity to try other drinks from our dynamic bar program that serves the finest mezcals and tequilas, a rotating global selection of wines, and more!

Most importantly, there is a special happy hour menu that includes happy hour drinks and some of the best Mexican food specials.

Toca Madera Happy Hour Menu

a. “For the Table” Options

Our happy hour menu has a “for the table” option that is perfect for those looking for quick toasts or cheesy, crispy, meaty, and salad bargain bites.

b. “Taqueria” Options

We also have a taqueria food menu option with delicious tacos and burrito options. Enjoy varied meat options served with in-house specials like vegetable wraps and tortillas.

c. Raw Bar

Our happy hour menu also includes two raw bar options for those who love fresh and raw seafood delicacies.

d. Happy Hour Drinks

The drinks offering includes signature cocktails, as well as classic cocktails, select wines, and beer deals. We serve up to five or more cocktail options for happy hour which include a non-alcoholic option and popular alcoholic options like Sangria and Margaritas with a unique Toca Madera twist.

Enjoy wine options, including rosé and sparkling wine and great beers made from the highest quality ingredients.

You have two hours to indulge as happy hour at Toca Madera Scottsdale runs from 4-6pm. If you visit Los Angeles or Las Vegas and wish for a similar luxurious happy hour experience, consider visiting Toca Madera Los Angeles or Toca Madera Las Vegas from 4 to 6pm.

Ready to enjoy a luxurious happy hour experience in Scottsdale at Toca Madera? Visit Scottsdale Fashion Square. 4736 N Goldwater Blvd. Scottsdale - AZ 85251. Call: +1-480-930-4357.

You can also make a reservation to enjoy happy hour, and other menu offerings i.e., dinner, brunch, and dessert menus, alongside special menu offerings on Mondays and Tuesdays dubbed Mezcal Monday and Toca Tuesday, respectively.