Game Day Elevated: Toca Madera's Superbowl Sunday Specials

Toca Madera Staff

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Super Bowl Sunday is here! The epic clash, characterized by gladiators battling for glory and fans anticipating a victory lap, shouldn't be spent with lukewarm dip and soggy chips.

This year, transcend the ordinary and "touch down" in culinary elegance at an upscale restaurant - Toca Madera, where the only fumbles will be on the field, and your taste buds are guaranteed to sing a glorious touchdown dance.

Toca Madera is an upscale Mexican steakhouse that serves delicious Mexican-inspired cuisine with a luxurious and modern take. This year, the restaurant has crafted a special Superbowl Sunday menu that's a touchdown in every sense.

Each bite will be a celebration of culinary artistry, and there will be hand-crafted cocktails like Toca Margaritas, Toca Micheladas, and other classic drinks with a twist worthy of an MVP trophy.

Touchdown with Toca Madera's Superbowl Menu

Elevate your game day this year by enjoying Super Bowl Sunday specials on February 11th at all of Toca Madera's locations: Toca Madera Las Vegas, Toca Madera West Hollywood & Toca Madera Scottsdale.

The MVP of Superbowl Snacks

Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Devour the most mouth-watering Superbowl sandwich curated by Toca Madera’s very own executive chef. This $24 snack will be more than a meal. It's a testament to prowess in crafting flavors and textures that will create a symphony of flavors and make your Super Bowl experience that much more exciting.

Picture a perfectly toasted bun with sweet, sticky, and smoky chipotle maple glaze filled with juicy, tender meat infused with the deep, earthy, and crunchy flavors of Jalapeno slaw. This savory goodness is then complemented by tangy house-made pickles and crispy golden fries ready to be dipped in ketchup or other sauces for an added flavor explosion. A Super Bowl sandwich doesn’t get better than this!

Cheers to the Big Game: Beverages to Celebrate

To wash down, the MVP of the Super Bowl snacks will be an impressive beverage offering. On Superbowl Sunday, all Toca Madera locations will serve their own twist of classic cocktails and drinks:

a. Toca Michelada ($14) and Toca Bloody Mary ($16)

If you love micheladas, you'll enjoy Toca Madera's unique, refreshing twist of micheladas featuring spicy mango and verde.

Toca Madera will also serve their very own twist of bloody Mary cocktails featuring a unique spice blend perfect for adding a spicy kick to the game day.

b. Mimosa Kit ($50)

Mimosa lovers haven’t been left behind! You’ll get a unique opportunity to build your own mimosa with a bottle of prosecco, an assortment of juices (passion, mango, orange, prickly pear, & guava), and mixed berries. This option will be perfect for a group Superbowl Sunday celebration.

c. Pitchers & Beer Bucket

Toca Madera will also be serving a variety of pitchers and beers on Superbowl Sunday to cater to all tastes, including:

1. Toca Margarita

Enjoy Toca Madera’s refreshing version of margaritas featuring agave, lava salt, altos Plata, and lime juice at $70.

2. Guava Margarita

Enjoy guava-flavored margaritas featuring guava, lime, thyme, Cointreau, and premium Blanco tequila at $75

3. Mi Serrana

Tequila lovers can also indulge in refreshing spicy cocktails featuring reposado tequila, cucumber, lime, and Tres Chile agave at $75.

4. Rosé Sangria

Enjoy Rose Sangria at $75.

5. Beer bucket

Select 6 beers of the following brands - Pacifico, Heineken, and Modelo Especial at $40

The Toca Madera Game Day Experience

Be a part of Toca Madera's Big Game Watch Party for fine-dining and football lovers throughout all restaurant locations.

Besides culinary delights and refreshing farm-to-glass cocktails, Toca Madera offers an immersive experience with thoughtfully curated interior decor elements.

A Gathering for Every Fan

Toca Madera’s Superbowl specials feature the MVP of all snacks coupled with beverages that cater to all tastes and preferences.

With a special screening experience in place, it will be a gathering that caters perfectly to avid sports fans and those who appreciate an upscale gourmet twist to traditional game day fare.

Reserve Your Spot on the Sidelines

Super Bowl Sunday isn't just a regular Sunday! What’s more, Toca Madera isn't your regular restaurant, which is why we highly recommend that you make a reservation and secure a spot for yourself and your loved ones.

Reserve Toca Madera Las Vegas, Toca Madera West Hollywood, or Toca Madera Scottsdale to secure your touchdown and catch the pre-game buzz, knowing your table awaits and you're about to enjoy dedicated service and prime viewing angles.

An Invitation to Game Day Like No Other

The Super Bowl hype is building, and the clock is ticking. Only one question remains: where will you watch the Big Game? While you can settle for familiar comfort at home, you won't get the experience this epic game day deserves.

We encourage you to make any Toca Madera restaurant location your ideal destination for the night and enjoy the unmatched game thrill while indulging in great food and drinks, and creating great memories with loved ones.

Make this Super Bowl Sunday legendary. Reserve Toca Madera Las Vegas, Toca Madera West Hollywood & Toca Madera Scottsdale now!